So my last legit post was way back in February 2014 and my life since then has been pretty much a mystery to most of you. Well, here’s fixing that. On march 2014, I had my final exams and a week after that, I joined a bridge course. Here’s the thing about the education system here. Till grade 10, it’s all fun and games. As soon s the boards are over then starts the hungama to crack the entrance.  In my case, it started with a bridge course. Now for those who don’t know, bridge course (At least in my institute) is a cruel selection procedure where the students are tortured (not literally) till most drop out. Then from the remaining few, the top 800 are chosen to continue said torture for 2 more years. Now, for the first few months, I was in a dormitory then later we were moved to a hostel. Now this post is going to be mostly factual (kinda because i know there might be kids out there who want to join said institute and this post seemed like the best way of showing them what they were getting themselves into. So, about the bridge course… The whole institute was located in a tiny village, virtually in the middle of nowhere – to prevent distraction. Students were not allowed out of the hostel premises. Guys and girls have no interaction. And I’m not talking about things like they cant hang out together-no. For the first three months of the course, I didn’t even know there were guys on the campus. Their timings were so regulated that we never ran into each other. Everyone was to wake up at 4.45 Am to this song that was played over the speakers every morning. Even now, that song still scares the shit outta me. (Here’s the link to the song in case you want to check it out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmQAoVMw9vk) And for those who say it isn’t that bad, imagine listening to it at 4.45 am every single fucking day for 2 years. And right now, as I’m typing this I’ve already started shaking. Anyway after the song, we had 15 minutes to brush and shower before we had to report to the study table.To make things worse, this place had no heaters – the justification behind putting tiny 16 year-olds in ice cold water at 5 am was that it would ensure we would stay awake in class. We were to study till 6.30 am. Then we had 30 minutes to get breakfast (which was usually plain bread with weak tea) Then we had to report back to the study table and study till 8;30 after which we had class till 6 with a 30 minute break at 12;30 pm. After 6, we were given 30 minutes to relax provided we do not talk to each other. Sometimes as a special treat, we were given mobiles to talk to our parents for 7 minutes (Did i mention we weren’t allowed mobiles – I SPENT 3 YEARS WITHOUT ACCESS TO INTERNET OR MOBILES). At 6:30, We were expected to pray till 7:30. At 7:30 dinner and at 8 we were expected back to the study table. There was more praying at 9:30 pm. Now, the fact that i am atheist did not make the least bit of difference for them and hence I was forced to attend there religious gatherings as well. Then we had to study till 1 AM. At 1, you can finally sleep for 4 precious hours and try to forget the fact that you’re stuck here for almost 3 years with no holidays, no hope of escape. Till that song starts playing at 4.45 AM.


I know its been a long time since I’ve written. A lot has happened over the last three years which downright made it impossible for me to access the internet let alone blog. It’s been around 6 months since I got my laptop back and I’m just getting  used to writing again. So with that being said, back to the drama

Little brother, Big trouble


I smile because you’re my sister, I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it

Yupp, that pretty much sums up my little brother’s relationship with me… This is his latest work of art- A caricature of me accompanied with a ‘I have no sense of humor’ (Did I mention this was on MY arm in tattoo ink- there’s no way it’s going off before I have to show my face- or should I say arm, in public)… Believe me, I wouldn’t have minded (much) if his drawing actually resembled me, but unless I look like a Chinese sushi chef with horns, I’m gonna have to wrap my arm in bandage before I walk out of the house… And to make matters worse, I have a mock science exam at school and it being the last day, there’s definitely gonna be celebrations, and with celebrations come photographs, and with photographs comes eternal recording of my mortification… I better go find some gauze.

Who Needs Calisthenics?

God. My legs ache, my feet ache… Hell, even my hips ache.. What happened?

Well, to keep it short, I spent  ALL  evening trying to stretch into  a split (More on that in the next post) and then, I snuck out of my house at 9PM out of my bedroom’s window… Why that’s a bad idea you ask? Well;

1) My house is an apartment

2) On the 4th floor

3)Which means, I’ll have to use a rope ladder that the construction workers use

4) Then, I’ll have to stumble my way across the car park’s roof

5)And then, slough off  a dozen opulent cars to reach the ground

6) And finally, shinny up a wall ( not tooo tall, thankfully) and cross the snake yard ( Seriously, they worship snakes there o_O – Go figure.) to reach my date for the night (It was Amal, in case you’re wondering)

And just when you think it can’t get any worse,  Amal decided to bring his bloody bike instead of the car (‘Cause HE remembered how I said “Bikes are my joy machines, and riding gives me the ultimate freedom and high.”) And then,  we went to his dorm room (Which he shares with Aadarsh) and made out and guess what he decided to try out? That’s right;  70… Then, we went to the club and danced till 2AM, got shit-pissed on Long Island Ice Teas (I know right?)  And then, as I hauled my drunk, aching body home, I realized I’d have to scale the 4 floor wall between me and my bedroom… Finally, as I rested my weary head on the pillow, I realized I had a Math Model Exam scheduled for today, which meant that I’d have to be up by 5AM. Well, the exam went about as well as a trip to the dentist.. And, then I had to face  in the blistering sun all the way home, which includes crossing a railway track, then catching a bus, then crossing a river and finally walking a good 1.5 miles to reach home… What a day!

PS. So much for keeping it short…


We were rock climbing… The sun was low, not yet up… We had been climbing for about an hour… I followed you across the sandy desert and duddenly, when we were almost at the peak, I slipped… You caught me, or tried to… And your goddamn watch cut me across my arm… I still have that scar… We sat on that dune for hours, just talking…


First day in the new block at MEIS; 5th period- Library… We had to sign our names on the ID cards and legitimize ourselves…

As soon as we were signed in, you drag me to the farthest corner of the room, concealed behind a huge rack of books… I was to small to read the titles, but I remember those brown paperbacks shielding us from the prying eyes of the rest of the world.. We spent the entire period there...

October 2010

We’re onstage… First public performance of Conscience6… It’s the annual talent search… I’ve got butterflies in my stomach… And I don’t think I can breathe.  He holds my hand and we go in together, braver…

We didn’t win the prize that year, but it didn’t matter.. We just loved playing, performing… I, most of all…

Sometime in May 2012

I’m running on the beach and he’s chasing me… I’d just kidded him about his birthday… He grabs my hand and pulls me down onto the sand with him… The gentle waves tickle our feet as I gaze into his eyes… We talk about how we got into this mess in the first place. As he laughs, I can see a whole new world just waiting for me…

Now, that you’re all caught up…

At this point, you’re pretty much all caught up with my life till now, so just to bring you right to the center of my universe, here’s the list of guys whom I’ve ever dated (and I mean EVER):

1)Mike: My 1st bf from 2nd grade..

2)Amal: Hooked up following a tiff with Mike

3)Vishal: Part of my clique, lives next-door to my grandparents, Vidhya’s (BITCH) brother

4)Varun: Part of my clique, lives next-door to my grandparents

5)Arun: Part of my clique, Varun’s brother

6)Sagar: Met him on a trekking trip last Christmas

7)Shresht: My ex-neighbor, dated for a while until his dad died and they moved back to Punjab

8) Spiky Brahmin/ Desi Dude: Can’t remember his real name, but man, he knew how ‘picnic’ 😉

9) Sharat: Met him in Delhi… Went to watch ‘Shootout At Wadala’

10)Hari: Nothing much about this one… Good kisser maybe?

11)Alok: Old classmate from MEIS( now in TWS)

12)John: Mike’s friend (I think?)